NXP Widget

With NXP Widget your customers can easily buy NXP tokens which automatically will be transferred to your NXP Wallet.

Set Up Your NXP Merchant Account

Before you can integrate NXP Widget to your website, you must open your NXP Merchant Account. After you get a merchant id that lets you insert NXP Widget to your website and set up Notification URL to obtain notifications related to your customers payments.

Add the NXP Widget to your web page

Include NXP Widget link or button with the following url to your html:

                                 Pay With NXP Widget 

You can customize your integration by passing different query parameters. You can add any query parameters. All the parameters will be returned via notification url.

NXP Widget reserved parameters names and required parameters

Widget api

parameter description required
merchantId Your merchant id required
userId User id from your system required
amount amount of NXP optional(you cant pay 0)
email Your user email optional
phone Your user phone optional
redirect_url At the end of payment process your customer will be redirected to this url optional
failedRedirect At the end of the payment process your customer will be redirected to this url in case of failed transaction optional
css_scheme Allow you to use custom css styles on widget page optional
transactionId Please use it if you need to pass your internal transaction id throw the payment process optional
billing_address_home Your user home address optional
billing_address_route Your user route address optional
billing_address_city Your user City optional
billing_country Your user Country optional
billing_state Your user state optional
billing_address_postal_code Your user postal code optional
lang Language of widget. Right now we support EN, AR, HE, JP optional

You can add any additional parameters. All the parameters will be returned via notification url.

Notification url

With the notification url you can obtain notifications related to your customers payments. To set up notification url please login to your merchant panel and click icon in a right-up corner.
The notification url receive POST request at the end of each payment with all the parameters, the “payment_internal_id” and the payment “status”.

Transaction status API

You can check your payment status with the following URL '.../shopper.php/payment_status' with parameters:
parameter value required example GET request
transactionId transactionID - you used it as the widget parameter optional https://saipay.nextpayway.com/saipay_nqr/shopper.php/payment_status?internal_id=333
internal_id payment_internal_id - you receiv it via notification url optional https://saipay.nextpayway.com/saipay2_eld/shopper.php/payment_status?transactionId=888


"payment" array with the following values:
{"payment":[payment time - timestamp, payment result - object with payment result, amount - string]}
if there is no transaction. All array values are null

Example of successfull transaction:


Example of unsuccessfull transaction:

{"payment":[1546924534,{"code":"800.100.170","description":"transaction declined (transaction not permitted)","cvvResponse":"M"},"5.00"]}

Example of transaction not exists: